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K – 12 Education

The Thomasville History Center offers curriculum support and supplements to educators and students across the Red Hills region that meet, and exceed, the Georgia Standards of Excellence.

Choose Your Journey

Choose your journey between independent activities like Travel Trunks or Digital Activity Packs, and facilitated programs like Adventures (onsite field trips) or Deep Dives (in-class outreach).

Step 1: Select Program
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(Travel Trunks/Activity Packs)

Choose one of our 5 travel trunks complete with reproduction artifacts, suggested activities, and a resource book encompassing current Standards of Excellence. Or request a standards-based activity packet to supplement your unit introduction and review.

Great for:

Individual or Group Work, In-Class Learning, Supplemental Curriculum, Content Introduction, Unit Review, and Assessment



(Field Trips)

Explore the History Center’s expansive grounds and historic buildings; staff-facilitated. Visits are approximately 2 hours and include 3 activity rotations.

Great for:

Supplemental learning, Community Engagement, and Unit Review

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Deep Dives

(Outreach & Digital Games)

Educator-facilitated outreach programs or digital, primary source-based games are designed to give students a closer look at the past and encourage critical-thinking skills.

Great for:

In-class or Virtual Learning, Unit Review, and Individual or Group Work.

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