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Fundraising Events

Learning experiences with the History Center don‘t end at the gallery doors. Join us in expanding our skills and following our curiosity as we venter offsite or welcome the community onto The Grounds.

crate to plate event tile

Crate to Plate | October 2024

About the Event:
Crate to Plate began in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. How could we celebrate together, but remain distant and safe? From crisis came creativity and Crate to Plate was born! Each crate contains a complete, hot, and ready-to-eat meal for two, one bottle of wine, and a few surprises from regional vendors! Each year’s crate follows a different theme. Attendees can enjoy their crate on the grounds of the History Center in fellowship with friends and neighbors take it to go!

Sponsor Benefits:
Crate to Plate sponsors receive recognition on all print and digital marketing before, during, and after the event as well as at least one complimentary crate. Additional benefits increase in scale to the underwriting level. Portions of each sponsorship may be considered tax deductible. Please contact your tax preparer following the event for additional information. Sponsorships are available to individuals, couples, and companies.SponsorsUnderwriters may also remain anonymous.

Upcoming Event Details:
Crate to Plate returns in October 2024. If you have any suggestions for themes or area vendors who would like to be considered for inclusion in the crate, please contact the History Center today.

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32nd Annual Pilau Dinner | November 5, 2024

About the Event:
First introduced to the History Center community by Jasper Davis in 1993, the annual event has provided significant funds towards our operations and programs. What began as a fundraising dinner for renovations to the Smith Log House and Kitchen has grown into an annual community tradition of more than 30 years and continues to draw crowds each Election Night. Attendees can take their meals to go, or hangout and enjoy live music from the Smith Homestead porch.

B.Y.O. chairs or picnic blankets & beverages.

What is Pilau?
Pronounced “per-loo,” it is a savory chicken and rice dish spiced with black pepper and served with crackers, sweet pickles, coleslaw, and dessert.

Pilau is a variation of the dish known as pilaf which is also typically a meal of rice and protein cooked in a seasoned broth. The possible origins of pilau as a Southern food tradition are as endless as the ways that the favored dish is pronounced. Most regions across the globe have some version of this rice dish and a variety of names for it. Pilau or pilaf’s introduction to the American South was likely a result of the merging of African and European food traditions in the low country of South Carolina in the 18th century. Pilau’s popularity as a staple meal extended outward across the South over the next three centuries.

Upcoming Event Details:
Pilau returns on November 5, 2024.

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