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As stewards of the history of Thomas County and the Red Hills, we welcome your archival, photographic, and artifact donations

Explore the Past with Us

Acquisitions to the History Center are accepted through donation, deposit, and on by purchase. All acquisitions must be approved by the History Center’s Acquisition Committee which meets quarterly. If you have an item(s) that you would like the Committee to consider, please email the Curator.

Things to Prepare and Expect:

  • Prepare your questions ahead of time with as many details as possible. Hyper-generalized questions like “tell me everything you know about Thomasville!” will typically not be excepted.
  • Before accepting a research proposal, staff will review available materials to see if your question can be answered in a timely manner with the collections and research tools, we use in-house
  • We are best positioned to answer questions related to Thomasville, Thomas County, and the Red Hills Region.
  • Staff will make an estimation of how many hours it may take and when they think a report may be ready; however, timing of historical research is difficult to estimate so If you have a time frame you’re working within, please provide that ahead of time and we will make every effort to accommodate your needs.
  • A $200 deposit will be required for all open-ended research-by-proxy requests.
  • Research requests with a set time limit will pay 50% upfront and 50% upon completion.

Request a Researcher

A member of staff will reach out soon to confirm to gather more information regarding your research needs and to prepare a quote

Phone: (229) 226-7664

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